Day 1, 2 & 3

Day 1, 2 & 3

Hello from Uganda!

After delayed flights, missed flights, and re-routed flights, we feel very blessed to be together tonight. Chris, Linda and Sandy arrived on a flight Monday night and Tim & Marge arrived this afternoon. They only received one bag at the airport, please pray that the other three come soon!

Today we spent in Entebbe at the Emmanuel Church center where 14 kids are sponsored. This morning we met up with Claude, our Social Worker from Soroti, and our driver, Moses.

We began the day by visiting sponsored kids with Daniel, Jalia and Dennis, our social worker in Entebbe. Michelle is taking a course in computers, one area she is specializing in is coding. She hopes to develop websites someday. She is a beautiful young lady and her heart shines on her face!

Next we visited Faase and her mother in their home. Faase is 8 years old, she is quite shy and did very well her first term back to school, we are so proud of her.

When we visited the home of Elias, we found his mother and three siblings with him. The children are finished with their first term and have a three week break before term 2 begins. Elias’ mom is a seamstress and she works in a shop sewing clothes for others. She is so thankful to God that Elias is sponsored in the A+H program.

Calvin lives in a home with his Grandma, who cares for him, and his auntie. Calvin’s mom passed away last year so this has been a difficult time for him. Still he had many smiles and gives out great hugs! We are so thankful for his relatives who stepped in so quickly to support Calvin after his mother passed away.

Ivan is a teenage boy who is in secondary school. He lives with his Grandma, his mother also passed away last year. Ivan’s grandma has some heart problems but at the moment is doing well. Ivan loves futbol (soccer), and is a very talented young man. He gave one of his soccer medals to the Arrows + Hope program for everything they have done for him! Even though I truly wanted him to have his medal, in Uganda culture you do not give something back that was given to you. Ivan’s grandma sells eggs and chickens to earn a living for her and her grandkids. We purchased a tray of eggs and a chicken from Ivans grandma and she was delighted.

At 5:30 we went to Emmanual Church to see the kids that go to that church and worship with them. The children from the AH program sang two songs for us and they gave us letters for their sponsors. We sang, tried to dance and heard a message from God’s word. The Holy Spirit was truly working in that place and we felt His love, power and grace.

Sandy (on behalf of the team)