Uganda – July 2022 Day 1 & 2

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Uganda – July 2022 Day 1 & 2

After a few miracles, all 5 of us arrived on the red dirt soil of Uganda on Friday morning at 7:30am, Uganda time! After unpacking a bit we headed to St. Ursula school, for children with disabilities, to see Joshua. The children were finishing up their prayer time together and greeted us with some sweet singing! Joshua is shy and doesn’t say much, but the smile on his face and in his eyes was bright! Chloe and Ashley played for a bit with the children on the swings and we were able to meet Joshuas teacher, see the classroom where he learns as well as the area where they teach life skills.

After we filled up with fuel, we realized they put Diesel in our vehicle which takes only Petrol. Time after time we have said how grateful we are that our driver is also a mechanic and this was once again the case today as he moved the vehicle a few yards over where he could access the bottom of the vehicle to remove a cover and let out all the fuel, filling a bucket! We all had a good laugh:)

Internet is not good where we are staying so this update will be shortened and we will see if it even posts!

The second day, we visited Peace, she has 3 sponsored children! It’s always a blessing to be in her home. She shared that her business is picking up and she has many loyal customers who seek her out when they are in need of a skirt. Her oldest son Isaac was with us and he was so happy to hear an update about his sponsor!

Another highlight today was visiting Kirabo at her school. She is newly sponsored and staying quite far from home in a boarding school. The school was impressive and she seemed to be acclimating well! She had ruined her shoes and her washing bucket was cracked, so we headed to the market to purchase her a new pair of shoes, along with a bucket. The market is always an adventure from all the fresh produce, to walls of shoes, and freshly butchered meat and fish.

That’s all for now! Thank you to all of you who are praying for our team here! Please pray for continued health and that the people we meet each day will see Jesus in us.

Sandy, Michelle, Ashley, Chloe, and Sue