Day 3.

Day 3.

Today we left Jinja and headed for Soroti. There is a newer road which made the trip much quicker than past years. What used to take 4 hours only took 2.5. We quickly unpacked when we reached the hotel as we knew the team was waiting for us to begin visiting children. It is really hard to portray what it is like here with only pictures and words. The smells, the red dirt roads, people everywhere, outdoor markets, bikes, bodas and cars all sharing the roads, carefree and barefoot children everywhere are a few of the things which make this place special. We really enjoyed seeing the entire team at the office! They are such hardworking and loving individuals. It was special hearing the children we visit express this as well.

We began in the home of Abagail. This was our first time meeting her as she was recently added to the AH waiting list and sponsored by a family in Michigan. The probation officer of Soroti came to our team asking if we could help her as her situation is so difficult. Her grandmother is taking care of her and her father has HIV and a problem with his liver. She was continually being sent home from school because they could not pay her school fees. Abagail said she was so thankful to be at school now and for the Lords protection of her dads life. She broke down in tears when she said the thing she wants us to pray about is to keep her father and grandmother alive and for her dream of becoming a doctor to come true. Susan who leads the AH discipleship program said Abagail is a born leader and she asks to lead the other children in devotions.

Next we headed to the Soroti Vocational Training Institute to meet a special young man named Samuel. We have many stories of this young man who seemed to always find himself in trouble. We first met him in 2014 when he was dropped at our home in Jinja as the driver thought our house was a place that took in street children. Today when we met him he shared about his drive to finish his course in electronics repair so he can help his mother and siblings. His mother is crippled and it is very difficult at home for this family. He also shared that his experience at Mto. Myoni (a discipleship camp for children with trauma) changed his life. He expressed how grateful he is for the care extended to him, for his sponsor who has encouraged him and pointed him to Christ and for the Ugandan team who he said are always there for him when he needs it. He then asked if he could pray for us before we left. We praise God for this beautiful story of transformation!

Miriam Olupot was next to visit. All of the children we visited today live near Soroti town. Miriam stays in a home with her mother. She was a muslim when we met her 7 years ago and praise the Lord, today she is a follower of Jesus! She dreams of becoming a pilot one day. She shared she never dreamed she would reach to this level in her schooling. She will be completing her last year of high school this coming year! She asked for prayers for protection as she has seen many people dying around her lately.

We drove to the home of Esther next. Esther and her mother both share the most beautiful smile. They recently had to move homes as the rent was too high for them to pay. Esther began to cry when we asked her how we can pray for her. She asked that we pray she can do well in school so she can help her family. Her mother struggles to provide the basics for her children such as food and shelter. We are working to help her begin a business which will help her be able to take care of her children. Esther is attending a weekly Bible Study across the street from her home and asked us to pray she will grow in her walk with Jesus.

Susan was the last visit of the day! She has graduated from hair school and is working for someone in a salon. She is renting a room of her own and was so proud to show us inside! She is still receiving some support from AH while she works on getting a client base which will support her and her daughter. We are so proud of this sweet young girl!

We arrived back to the hotel around 7:30pm to eat dinner with Moses. He ordered his usual whole fish, eye included which made us laugh as always. The power went out just when we were finishing up, but thankfully the generator was working and our prayer is they have enough fuel to last through the night:)

Below are a few photos from today in the order of the children we visited.


  • Linda

    November 30, 2021, 5:06 pm

    It is so good to hear that you made it safely to Soroti town! And a blessing that the road has been completed. So good to hear the stories about the kids you have visited today. Praying for good health and strength as you visit many more children. Their smiles are priceless. And the visual regarding Moses’ fish meal, priceless as well.

    • Michelle Fisher

      December 1, 2021, 2:28 pm

      Thank you for the prayers Linda:) We knew you would also laugh at the fish! We visited with Betty today and saw the twins. They are doing good…continued prayers for little Scott. Praying God will open doors for more options to get the help he needs.

  • Linda W

    December 1, 2021, 7:54 am

    It is amazing to hear how God continues to work in and through these precious children in Uganda. In spite of difficulties and setbacks, God’s plan and purpose for His children will prevail. What beautiful stories of God’s faithfulness. To Him be the glory!

    • Michelle Fisher

      December 1, 2021, 2:29 pm

      Yes! He is faithful and loves each of these precious children. It is encouraging to hear so many of them speak of how they give God the glory for what He is doing in their lives.

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