Day 4.

Day 4.

This post will be short and sweet because we just finished eating and need to be ready to go early again tomorrow! What a blessing it was today to visit 16 children from Omalara! So many of them expressed how worried they were about us and their sponsors in the US with the Covid situation. The children and their caregivers had been faithfully praying for protection. During recent home visits our team here realized many of the childrens caregivers were sleeping on thin mats or scraps of mattresses. Many of the childrens mattresses were left at school or were worn out. Prior to our arrival the team here purchased a new mattress for each caregiver and child along with a blanket to deliver on our visits. This meant today we piled 30 mattresses on the back of our vehicle which made for some interesting rides on the back roads of Uganda which include many huge potholes and roads which look more like a walking path! They were all so thankful.

Each child we met with today, we asked the same three questions. The first was, What are you thankful for or what makes you happy? Below are some of the things they shared:

education support, our visit, the homeschool program during the lockdown, Bible, medical help, God’s protection, riding a boda, water, beans and posho, beds, our life, AH office and activites, basic needs, food support, God’s protection, a school uniform, toothpaste, solar light, health, sponsorship, friends, and much more.

The second question we asked was, How can we pray for you? Before leaving their home we were able to pray over the things they shared. Below are many of their answers:

health, curses broken, wisdom, sponsors health to continue, continued school support, God’s provision, strength, rain, blessings, to one day become a driver, knowledge and understanding, elimination of Covid so they can go back to school, moving homes because the owner of their land is making them move, clothes, God will wipe out Corona, protection, strong in faith, and much more.

Last we asked the children and caregivers, How do you see God working through Arrows and Hope or how have you been encouraged by the ministry? Below are some of their answers:

So many ways, cannot count all the ways, God provided through AH as I wasn’t sure I would survive, the team in Uganda is doing a great job, hand of God working to choose the needy families, Education of children, speech and growth in the children, I trust God for everything and He has used AH to provide, provision of food, I see the hand of God working here, by God’s grace a chance was given to my son to go to school, greater family health, and we heard from so many that God has given them peace.

There are so many who have sponsored and supported this ministry. It has been so beautiful to hear how thankful they are for you and the support, but also that they are giving God the glory for it all as most of them realize He is their provider and protector and sustainer and He uses people like us to deliver some of His blessings to them. Enjoy the photos of our full day!

Our day ended with a birthday dinner and cake for Sophy, the Arrows and Hope Accountant here in Uganda! She turned 25 today!


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