Day 5.

Day 5.

Our day began at 8:30am at the Arrows and Hope office to meet a formerly sponsored young man named Lawrence. The whole team and our driver Moses, who taught him mechanics, met with him to encourage him. He ended up sitting in the back of our mattress loaded truck to join us for the day in the village. It was another full day with 16 home visits and sitting with mothers who shared hard stories. But they have not given up and every one we visited shared they have hope in a God who loves them, sees them, and cares for them. Even in their lack of food, they shared that He is their provider. He brings the rain which causes the crops they have planted to feed their families to grow. We learn so much from them and are so thankful for the opportunity to come alongside of our brothers and sisters in Uganda. One day we will be side by side praising God together forever.

One of the children we visited today is named Wilson. When we arrived at his home, you could tell hearts were heavy. We were immediately told of an 18 year old relative who had just died on November 25 and was recently buried. Her grave was just a few yards from the home of Wilson. We walked over to the grave to pay our respects with the team. Wilson’s mother, Sarah, was weeping by the graveside. It was heartbreaking. Next to this young girls grave was the grave of Wilsons father who also passed away not long ago. Sarah is now a widow with 6 children. To make things harder, she was living in her husbands village and the family took away the land she lived on with her husband. They allowed her to move to another piece of the families land but it is small and there is only room to live and not to grow any crops of her own. This means each day she needs to go to other peoples gardens to dig for them and is paid very little. She asked us to pray continued support for their family, for health, strength, a job opportunity, and blessings. She said she sees the hand of God through the sponsorship of Wilson and He gives her confidence to face tomorrow.

We gave Wilson and his mother each a mattress and blanket and helped them carry it into their home. Wilson tried to tell us something when we were in his house, but it was in Ateso so we didn’t understand. Claude (Arrows and Hope project manager/social worker) translated that Wilson had some Mangos for us and shared Wilson had went around to the mango trees in the area to pick them after hearing we would be visiting. Below are some photos from our time at Wilsons home. Please be praying for this precious family.


  • Sara Billin

    December 2, 2021, 10:09 pm

    Wow! You have been busy! Thanks for sharing the hope of Christ with so many while you are there. We continue to pray for you both. God bless you with energy and stamina for the work He has planned for you!

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